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Apple and Mint

Apple and Mint pride itself on products that not only look gorgeous but are also immensely functional. Whether you look at their beautiful backpacks with designs that are trendy and have an easy-to-clean coated linen exterior or their coordinating patented lunch bags that feature a removable earth-friendly cooling gel panel designed to keep the contents of the lunch bag cold and fresh for up to 8 hours, you’ll love everything that this eco brand has to offer!

Corinne Hasham, a mum, was tired of having to throw food out of school lunchboxes  and of using heavy icepacks that could contaminate food and were just too bulky. It was in February 2013, that she came up with the idea of a reusable lunch bag that would not only keep food cold and fresh but also, not rely on heavy icepacks. And Apple and Mint were born. 

The Apple and Mint brand brings to you trendy and delightful toddler backpacks and coordinating patented lunch bags that include an earth-friendly cooling gel pack that keeps food fresh for up to 8 hours to make school days and lunches fun, cheerful and best of all, eco-friendly for everyone! 

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