IVI 3D Play Rug

IVI 3D Play Rug

The IVI team designed the world famous 3D carpets with one thing in mind: your children's well-being.  IVI carpets are an alternative to today's technology-based toys that don't contribute to children's social and psychological development. They promote exploration and discovery while teaching the children to play in a group or alone.

Their unique designs were developed to promote independent thinking, process of discovery and creativity through play.

Their goal is to keep children’s rooms fun and healthy. Realizing how important it is to protect today’s children from harmful chemicals when it comes to choosing furniture and toys. Finding the right products can be overwhelming for today’s busy parents. Ivi Carpets are all : 

100% Polypropylene     Hypo-allergenic  Anti-static   Non-flammable material   Stain resistant

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