U Konserve|Insulated Lunch Bags, Food Jars|Steel Lunch Boxes

U Konserve

About the Brand

The U Konserve brand, like its counterpart, Kids Konserve, believes in waste-free and reusable lunch-packing and food-storage solutions. 

About the Founders 

Founded by Lynn Julian and Chance Claxton, two moms, who were horrified by the amount of waste generated by school lunches, U Konserve  was founded in 2008 to create waste-free, reusable, eco-friendly school lunch boxes, bags, wraps and more! 

Range of Products for Kids and Mums

 The U Konserve range of products includes kids lunch boxes in food grade stainless steel, insulated lunch bags for older kids and grown ups as well as lovely insulated food jars. 

There are no products available within this brand.