E-motion Cards Set

E-motion Cards Set

E-motion Cards

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What are Emotion Cards?
E-motion Cards are a tool for helping teach children to understand and recognise specific emotions in themselves and others.

The larger 'prompt' cards ask questions about each emotion, such as what happens when you feel angry? prompting the child to think and talk about what's happening inside them. Does your head feel hot? Does your tummy scrunch up?

The next prompt asks to recall a situation when they have felt these feelings or if it is a current feeling and how emotions can be controlled by the way they think and behave, in a constructive rather than destructive way.

The last prompt is usually 'show me that feeling' by selecting from the smaller photo cards and sitting it inside the larger card.

Once matched, the reverse of the smaller photo  card offers possible solutions for handling their emotions and over time, children will remember these solutions, developing their 'emotional bank'.

Additional info:

  • 2 sets of 21 cards in the E-motion Cards Set - One set of large cards and another of smaller cards that sit inside the large cards when matched.
  • Recommended for Ages 5-7years  and 8-11years  old
  • Colour coded cards for each age group and for each emotion:
  • Ages 5-7yrs old - Pink Cards  - Angry, Sad, Worried, Safe, Love, Scared, Surprise, Happy.
  • Ages 8-11years  old - Blue Cards - Shy, Disgusted, Lonely, Frustrated, Embarrassed, Confused, Bored, Calm, Jealous, Confident, Excited, Empowered, Hope.
  • E-motion cards booklet.


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