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What Lunch Box fits What Lunch Bag ?

January 6, 2017 By Lime Tree Kids Healthy Living, Lime Tree Mumma Blog & School comments
What Lunch Box fits What Lunch Bag ?
Buying a Lunch Box and Lunch Bag is a daunting thing for some people . So we have mad it easier for you by making this chart that shows what our current range of Bento Boxes or Lunchboxes for Kids fits into what Lunch Bags .  If you have any other concerns though please feel free to  email us - this list is kept up to date but we are always adding new and exciting finds to our list .
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November 7, 2016 By Lime Tree Kids Baby comments

Choosing the right toys for a six month old to 12 month old will help them develop their essential skills. 

At this age babies are usually: 
• Showing interest in their new surroundings 
• Recognising their main care givers 
• Rapidly gaining confidence 
• May face separation anxiety when left 
• E...

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Raising a Highly Sensitive Child

August 30, 2016 By Shelley - Lime Tree Kids Mumma Lime Tree Mumma Blog comments



My little girl is what would be classed by many as a highly sensitive child .. And that’s ok..  it’s who she is I’m learning. 
A Highly sensitive child is one of the 15 to 20% of children born with a nervous system that is constantly on high alert, making her quick to react to everything around her.  The smallest of changes, conscientious behaviour and quickness to grasp subtle changes are features.  Highly sensitive children are also easily (and I mean easily) overwhelmed by high levels of stimulation, any sudden change and also the emotional distress of those surrounding them. They move and flow with the vibe in the room and are affected deeply by it.

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