Ecococoon|Steel Drink Bottles|BPA-Free Drinking Cups


About the Brand

The Ecococoon brand is all about offering a line of unique and quality BPA free glasses, bottles, and more that blend environmental principles with exciting modern designs, creating a range of stainless steel products that are fun and safe!

About the Founders

Ecococoon is a brand that Brisbane-based mum Libby Versace, was motivated to create  after learning the health concerns over bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic chemical widely used in the manufacturing of plastic cups and drink bottles.

Libby was inspired to create her own range of products which showcase a fun and retro chic design with the safety of stainless steel.

Range of Products for Kids and Mums

Their range of products include bright, cheery and absolutely safe steel drinking bottles and cups for kids and grown ups alike!

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