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Bento Boxes are the MUST HAVE lunch box for every kid (or adult) and here is why... 

  • They are good for the environmentTheir built-in compartments mean different foods don’t have to touch one another, avoiding the need for single-use plastic bags or wraps. They are also super sturdy which means you don't need to buy a new lunch box each year
  • They are great for picky eaters with food aversions - Serving foods that are touching to your little one can be a big hurdle for some parents to overcome - but with a Bento Box there is no need to worry with its multiple compartments to keep things separate. The variety of foods can also help picky eaters be empowered about what they are eating - the choice is theirs!
  • They are easy to clean - No more hand washing - Bento Boxes can be cleaned in the dishwasher (YAY!)
  • They are leak proof - YES! They are leak proof, so you can have yoghurt in one compartment and crackers in the other and not have to worry about leakage or spills. It will stay just as you pack it throughout the whole day.
  • They help you eat a balanced diet - This is perhaps the most important benefit of using a Bento Box. They help you regulate your portion sizes and eat a variety of foods throughout the day.

Our Bento boxes can also be paired with our wide range of Water Bottles or Lunch Bags to create the perfect sets!

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