Our Social Efforts

Our Social Efforts

We created this company because we care passionately about helping families – ALL families – and we believe that through ordinary means, we can make a difference in this world. 
Although we try really hard to keep our prices and postage low, we realize there are still many families who cannot afford to buy our products. Particularly families who would benefit most from them ...That's not cool with us ! 

That's why we support not-for-profits that we believe can really help other children and families "on the ground" .  We are currently proud to be supporting the following organisations:  

Backpacks 4 SA Kids:

Backpacks 4 SA Kids provide emergency clothing, toiletries and other necessary supplies for children aged 0-16 years who are taken into care as a result of neglect or abuse, or who need to quickly leave their homes due to family violence or who are experiencing homelessness.

These backpacks are provided to help relieve some of the stress and anxiety children face each day, and put a smile on their face, 

We know first-hand just how hard this organisation works to help better the lives of children in SA. We've been out ourselves to put together some of these backpacks as well as help gift wrap presents at Christmas to send out to all children in need. We are grateful to have the opportunity to support such a fantastic organisation who make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. 

We have recently been announced as a donation drop off point so if you're in South Australia and wish to donate , we would love to have you on board! We have added the donation guideline sheet of items to help you know what donations are accepted and the condition in which they need to be. 

Drop off location:

Lime Tree Kids Warehouse

4/34-30 Bennet Ave

Melrose Park SA 5039

Donations can be made 9:30-3:30pm Monday-Friday