Calm Kids : Massage Stories for Children


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Calm Kids : Massage Stories for Children

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Much research has been done into the benefits of touch for children. Touch can relax a child's mind and body, increase their attentiveness and boost the immune system, among many other benefits.

Calm Kids - Massage Stories For Children has been developed with a child's language in mind. Storytelling is a wonderful method of communicating with children during massage. The 50 easy to use massage stories in this book offer children the opportunity for individual attention which can enhance a child's awareness of being loved, respected and safe which in turn boosts self esteem.

It is the author's desire that through the use of this book, children worldwide can experience the benefit of healthy touch between parent and child, or child and child.

This book can be used on children whom have special needs or typical developing children. Story Massage is a series of simple massage movements which are done in conjunction with the words of a story. For instance running your fingers down your child’s back could depict rain, or a flattened palm rubbed in a circular movement could represent a plate. Story Massage is a fun and creative activity with the added benefit of allowing a parent to connect and relax with their child through the medium of storytelling and positive touch.

Story Massage is done on the upper parts of the body, such as the neck, shoulders and back, while the child is in a seated position and fully clothed. These areas of the body are easily accessible, non-invasive and tend to be where the body tenses up when under stress making them particularly responsive to massage.


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