Dinosnores Fairy Sleepy Stories CD

Dinosnores Fairy Sleepy Stories CD

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Well little fairy, you've had a very busy day.

Ever since the sun rose up in the morning, you've been flying and flitting from flower to flower, making wishes come true, and playing with your friends the butterflies.

And then, after the sun went down and all the little kids were in bed, you still had so much work to do! Zooming from bedroom to bedroom, spreading happy dreams, just because you like to.

So now little fairy, at the end of the day, after all your work is done, it's time to slow down, to calm down, and rest, ready for another busy day of flying, and flitting, tomorrow.

What's the soundscape?

A little fairy snuggles up on their comfy mushroom bed, and listens to the sounds of their secret garden at night.

Learn all about crickets, frogs and fireflies, and listen to the sounds of the Amazon jungle at night!

  1. You've had a very busy day
  2. Closing your eyes
  3. Breathing in slowly, then out slowly
  4. Snuggled up with your butterfly friends
  5. Sleepy on a bed of twinkling stars
  6. Your legs feeling very heavy
  7. Your arms feeling very heavy
  8. Your rainbow wings wrapped around you
  9. Safe and warm
  10. Listening to the chirping of the crickets
  11. And the sounds of the frogs
  12. Drifting slowly in a bright cloud of fireflies
  13. Floating all the way out, to the beautiful moon and stars.

Sounds of crickets, frogs, fireflies and owls
Soundscape - Soundscape - Amazon nights
Vocals by Soo!

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