Dinosnores Pterosaur Sleepy Stories CD

Dinosnores Pterosaur Sleepy Stories CD

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Dinosnores sleep CDs for kids are soothing, imaginative and designed to help little ones drift off to sleep easily.

 The Pterosaur Sleepy Stories CD has a sleepy pterosaur who glides through the twilight sky high above the ocean back to its cliff-top home.

It’s Stylish

  • Designed by childcare and child language experts, Dinosnores sleep CDs for kids use proven relaxation and visualisation techniques to help little ones unwind, relax and calm down as they drift off to sleep.
  • The natural sounds, engaging stories, simple instructions make these the perfect bedtime story and sleep CD for kids of all ages.

It’s Unique

  • Each story runs for 30 minutes with a soundscape that lasts for a full 60 minutes to ensure that kids not only unwind and settle down but also, drift off to sleep fully.

It’s Fun

  • Having a bedtime story routine is a great way to avoid bedtime battles, and the Dinosnores Sleep Stories CDs makes this both easy and fun!

Additional Details:

  • Great for toddlers to school-aged children.



Product Reviews

  1. June 13, 2016

    We recently took the bottle off our 22 month old and he struggled to get to sleep without it, having to have us lay with him for ages before finally settling and sleeping. We found stories on cd was helpful so we bought this.
    Now we just tuck him in, put this on and leave the room. He lays and listens to it and falls asleep easily on his own.
    I dont understand it, it's just magic and i plan to buy the whole series!

  2. September 6, 2014

    Fantastic sleep aid
    My 6year old son likes to listen to this at bedtime. It helps to relax him and send him off to sleep. It means I can leave him to drift off peacefully without having to stay with him. It is narrated by a male voice. Would recommend to anyone.