Dinosnores Spring Rain Sleepy Soundscapes CD

Dinosnores Spring Rain Sleepy Soundscapes CD

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Dinosnores sleep CDs for babies and kids are soothing, imaginative and designed to help little ones drift off to sleep easily. With Nature-inspired soundscapes that are gentle and designed to help babies unwind and relax, these sleepy soundscape CDs are a must-have for every Mum and Dad. 

It’s Stylish 

  • Designed by childcare and child language experts, Dinosnores sleep CDs for kids use proven relaxation and visualisation techniques to help little ones unwind, relax and calm down as they drift off to sleep.
  • The natural sounds and calming voices with simple, soothing phrases help baby to settle down, while masking background household noises, that may startle a snoozy little one.  

It’s Unique

  • The Soundscape CDs ensure that kids not only unwind and settle down but also, drift off to sleep fully.

It’s Fun

  • Having a bedtime routine is a great way to avoid bedtime battles, and the Dinosnores Sleep CDs makes this both easy and fun!

Additional Details:

  • Great for babies, newborn to 12 months. 

Product Reviews

  1. May 4, 2017

    It works!
    My husband and I were both thought the voice is a little creepy especially when she suddenly starts talking down the hallway, but it really works. The very first time I played it for my 5month old she was a little whingey. As soon as she heard the voice it made her stop and listen, calmed her down enough to relax. Now I play it for every nap and bedtime to put her to sleep.