Dr Libby - Exhausted to Energized

Dr Libby - Exhausted to Energized

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"It’s easy to pass off feeling tired and put it down to a multitude of things in our life – your job, your children, your relationships, but there is an enormous array of factors that might be draining you of energy – and often without you even realising it"


In this amazing new book Dr Libby explores the idea that energy is the most important currency of our health and a far more accurate indicator of health status than weight.

Using her unique three-pillar approach she explores the biochemical, nutritional and emotional factors that impact our energy. She also looks at the different rituals, foods, movements and emotions that either make a deposit of energy or a withdrawal - promoting the creation of more energy or contributing to its further depletion. Learn just how varied the factors that influence our energy can be, from infections to hay fever and posture. Stress and nutritional factors are also discussed and explored as they can  impact greatly on our precious energy.

This book by Dr Libby explores where we get energy from, how it’s made, what depletes it and how to reignite it. Her new research includes how allergies and brain chemicals such as dopamine can influence energy levels and she explores a new concept around ‘open loops’, a feeling that our brain has too many tabs open of tasks still to do, and the impact this has on our zest for life.

Empowered with the information in this book, learn simple but powerful stratgies to help liberate yourself from exhaustion and live a life with more energy.

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