IQ Fit - Kids Logic Game


IQ Fit - Kids Logic Game

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Keep your brain in shape with this amazing new thinking game.

Fit all the 3D-puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that it turns into a (flat) 2D-image.

One of the protruding sides of each puzzle piece has 1 ball, the other side has 2 balls. So depending on how you orientate a puzzle piece, you get more or less balls. When solved, all puzzle pieces will fit on the game board without any holes uncovered. 

A super-fun thinking game with a 120 challenges which will require some deep thinking to find the correct the solution.

How To Play

Step 1
Choose a challenge and put all the indicated pieces on the board.
Step 2
Arrange all the 3D-puzzle pieces so all protruding parts fit into the holes of the game board.
Step 3
You've found the right solution when all the puzzle pieces fit!

Features : 

  • Suitable for ages 6 - adult
  • Compact game board with lid, 10 double sided puzzle pieces, booklet with challenges and solutions
  • Playing IQ Fit stimulates the cognitive skills of concentration , logic , planning , problem solving and spatial insight 
  •  perfect for travel or home 



  1. April 13, 2020

    Lots of fun!
    My daughter has been playing this for hours on end, and she struggles to actually stick to a task!