IS Australia Weather station

IS Australia Weather station

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The Australia-shaped storm glass with a beechwood base is a beautiful ornament and a traditional way to forecast the weather.

Once used by seafarers to predict oncoming storms, this historical device responds to atmospheric fluctuations to forecast the weather!

How to Predict the Weather:
Clear liquid: Bright and clear weather. 
Cloudy liquid: Cloudy, possible thunderstorms & rain.
Small dots in the liquid: Humid or foggy weather.
Large flaky crystals: Cloudy skies, snow in winter.
Threads of crystals at the top: Windy weather.
Crystals at the bottom: Frost may be coming.

Box dimensions: 18cm x 19cm 8cm

Please keep out of the reach of children, this is a decorative item, not a toy.

Can be fatal to children if sucked or swallowed. Contains Camphor 20.76/230g. Poison. Flammable.

Do not subject to direct or harsh lighting, direct sunlight, or place near to any heating or cooling vents.

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