Large Pikler Triangle and Climbing Ramp/Slide Package


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Large Pikler Triangle and Climbing Ramp Package

The Wooden Toy Co

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Pikler triangles are great for encouraging children to move in a natural way, as well as accommodate their natural want for climbing. A climbing ramp/slide is a great way to extend on Pikler play and further enhance a child’s physical ability.

Pikler triangles are incredibly strong and secure, and you’ll notice when assembling that the dowels will slot right into the groove.

These Pikler triangles are sent flat-packed, with full assembly instructions, the bolts required, and a 4mm Allen Key. All of the holes are pre-drilled, so that assembly is easy and stress-free. The climbing ramp/slide will come fully assembled.

The open side design on the triangle side allows for children to easily utilise the space underneath the triangle, great for making a cubby out of.


770mm high
730mm wide
800mm deep

1190mm long
390mm wide
56mm deep
6.7kg weight

Recommended for children aged 6 months - 6 years

WARNING – The Pikler triangle and climbing ramp/slide is a great way for your little one to explore new physical challenges. However, the Pikler triangle should always be placed one a flat, even surface to ensure that it doesn’t tip over.  Children must always be supervised while climbing and using this product.

WARNING – our climbing ramp/slide is quite heavy due to the thick ply that has been chosen for stability purposes. Because of this, only an adult should move and position the climbing ramp/slide to ensure that it is locked into a safe and secure position on the Pikler triangle/cube. If a child moves the climbing ramp/slide or attempts to put it into place they could injure themselves and risk falling.



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