Monkey & Chops Class Planner

Monkey & Chops Class Planner

monkey & chops

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The Classroom planner by Monkey and Chops is a flexible magnetic sheet which you attach directly onto a metal surface in the classroom. You then swap around all relevant activities, the clock face for time telling and which day each activity matches. There is a "remember" section at the bottom of the planner which you can fill in using a whiteboard marker. 



  • 1 Classroom Planner (2 magnet sheets, makes a chart 270x780mm)
  • 34 activity/subject magnets + 2 blank
  • 9 clock face magnets, days of the week + 1 blank
  • Arrow
  • Remember and Homework magnets

Dimensions: Classroom Planner 270x780mm; Activity/Subject magnets 70x70mm


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