Snotty Three - The best snotty noses solution for babies and kids


Snotty Three Nasal Aspirator


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Having problems with your child’s congested or runny nose? SNOTTY is the NATURAL and HEALTHY way to go without ongoing costs and the need for expensive replacement parts!  Clears noses in seconds - NO MESS , NO FESS!  

Everyone knows how frustrating it is for poor baby and for the parents when a baby or child has a snotty nose. Small children don't have the ability to blow their nose and it makes breathing and sleeping practically impossible for both parties !!  Don't use a small bulb like tool that you have to stick up babies nose and than squeeze , suck and release at the perfect time , or use one of the old fashioned straw sucking methods that are impractical and unhygienic ...  This Australian product helps your child to have a clearer nose faster , helping to  avoid secondary infections. 

Australia's first portable, battery operated nasal aspirator. It is ergonomically designed which makes it much easier and more convenient for parents to use. It quickly, easily, and safely clears your baby's nasal congestion.

Snotty Three was designed for the special needs of newborns, infants and toddlers. It is innovative, hygienic and portable and it is the first and only battery-powered baby nasal aspirator available in Australia, which is registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).


  • Snotty Three provides you with continuous suction of approximately 50kPa, which is stronger than that of a traditional manual aspirator, yet it is gentle enough to be safely and effectively used on your newborn or infant to remove nasal mucus.
  • Snotty Three is battery operated and portable for your convenience.  Take it with you wherever you go!
  • Snotty Three is fully submersible for your convenience simple rinse your SNOTTY under the tap after each use.
  • Snotty Three includes a plastic collection cup that helps you evaluate your baby's level of congestion. 
  • Snotty Three Comes in a zipper storage pouch, with three colour coded sterilisable silicone tips and an additional silicone seal to guarantee hygiene and optimum efficiency.   The tips are made of soft silicone protecting your baby’s delicate nose and making the aspirator comfortable to use. The tips as well as the collection chamber can be detached from the aspirator for cleaning and sterilisation. 
  • 3 different nozzle tips to accommodate different flow rates for your baby as it grows.  including a nozzle small enough for premmie babies . 


Requires 2x AA alkaline batteries (not included).



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