SumBlox Math Building Blocks

SumBlox Math Building Blocks

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These blocks are a maths teaching tool with a  difference. 
SumBlox are a wooden block set of numbers 1-10.
These amazingly smooth and tactile wooden block numbers each range in size according to their number they represents. (1 being the smallest and 10 the biggest.  
The most mind blowing mathematical bit though is that when the blocks are stacked, they represent the equivalent number. For example, when the 2 and 3 blocks are stacked, they are the same height as a 5 block standing up ! GENIUS!!
These blocks are a visual and kinaesthetic representation of the base-ten number system.
How to use the blocks and what they can help teach (the opportunities are endless for so many ages and learning abilities)  : 
  • These blocks allow children to visually represent and discover math relationships.
  • Children can stack blocks to explore and visualize addition equations, if the stacks are the same height, they also have equivalent values.
  • Children can stack multiples of a number to represent abstract math concepts like multiplication grouping or friends of ten (a concept learned in early school years)
  • Children can also explore the concept of fractions by stacking and scaling fractions.
  • They are a tactile and sensory learning experience for younger children to experience the numbers in their hands and in a 3d form 
  • Younger children can sort the numbers into groups helping with number recognition and counting skills 
  • Teaching numbering formation as they line them up in correct number formation of 1 - 10 
  • They assist kids with delayed learning or learning development with a better visual and deeper understanding of numbers in general , adding subtracting , fractions etc . 
  • Children with sensory processing disorders or ASD can use these blocks to grasp visually and understand better the concept of numbers through the feel, smell and weight of the numbers.
  • This set is an amazing tool for anyone to learn :  right-brain and left-brain learning, kin-aesthetic, tactile, visual, and auditory learners. 


  • Home pack includes 47 blocks  and activity cards. 
  • Siotable for ages 2 - 11 years 

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