Table Talk: A Book about Table Manners

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'Being a table makes me lucky,

I get to be the place

where people come together,

and enjoy talking "face-to-face"'

If Table's could talk ... well, in this book they do! Written from the Table's point of view, this humorous, rhyming tale will help children understand that table manners are about much more than what fork to use.

Good table manners are about being respectful, kind and considerate to others and their feelings.

Parents and educators of K-6 students will enjoy the Table s tasteful advice and guidance. Sharp, entertaining illustrations from award-winning illustrator Anita DuFalla bring the Table's tips to life.

'When you sit in your chair,

don't hunch way down or lean way over your plate

Rest your forearms (not your elbows) on the table.

And do your best to sit up straight"

This is the seventh book in the award winning Building Relationships series. Written by the wonderful Julia Cook


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