The Highly Sensitive Child

The Highly Sensitive Child

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The Highly Sensitive Child by psychotherapist Elaine N. Aron, PhD - "Helping our children thrive when the world overwhelms them" is beautifully written and a much needed support guide for both parents and highly sensitive children.

Is your child one of the 15-20 percent of children who are born highly sensitive and often gifted?  Feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, sensitive to almost everything - taste and textures, a change in routine, loud and crowded places? Eager to do things just right, labelled faddy or fussy? Upset by criticism and prone to hurt feelings? Distressed by News programs, easily overstimulated, a vivid dreamer? Intuitive, reflective, bright, conscientious and creative? Then quite possibly, they may be a highly sensitive child.

This book provides a guide to tell if your child is highly sensitive, how to help them thrive in a not-so-sensitive world and how to make school and friendships enjoyable. It also journeys through the needs of a highly sensitive child through varying ages - infants, toddlers, juniors and adolescents.  An imformative guide to successfully parenting highly sensitive children to healthy, well-adjusted, happy adults.



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