Thinkfun CODE Programming Series Robot Repair Game

Thinkfun CODE Programming Series Robot Repair Game

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CODE is a series of games designed to help kids build the mental skills needed to understand advanced programming concepts.

Coding is like a superpower! -  And it’s never too early for superpowers; that’s why Thinkfun found a way to wrap college-level coding concepts into a unique, unplugged play experience.

Robot Repair is the third in the series designed to build the mental skills needed to fully grasp the concept of coding and all of the games are screen-free.

In each of the 40 Robot Repair Challenges, you are given a robot to fix. Within the Robots are wires that need to be activated by Power Cells. Using logical deduction and the clues given, insert the Power Cells correctly and repair the robots. Use your problem-solving skills to determine the moves that will successfully get your robot from start to finish.

Steps to Play:

Select a Challenge Card and Robot Circuit Board.

Using the clue statements to determine where to place your Power Cells

When the Power Cells activate wires that make all the clue panel statements true - you win!
Additional info:

  •  Includes: 4 Robot Circuit Boards, 40 Beginner to Expert Challenges, 20 True/False Tokens, 9 On/Off Tokens, 10 Power Cell Tokens, Instruction Manual, Solution Booklet.
  • Teaches Boolean Logic through Single or Collaborative Game Play
  • Learn Core Coding Concepts through hands-on Game Play
  • Multi-level - Challenge cards range from Beginner to Expert

Recommended for Ages 8 years+

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