Xclear Kids Nasal Sinus Spray with Xylitol

Xclear Kids Nasal Sinus Spray with Xylitol

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Used in daily hygiene, this xylitol nasal spray not only hydrates the sinuses, but also washes away airborne contaminants and pollutants. 

The Xlear® Nasal Sinus Care Spray is all-natural and contains xylitol, purified water, salt and grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative). Our xylitol (11%) and saline solution is hyper-osmotic, which draws moisture and keeps the sinuses more moist and clean than saline alone. Xylitol is the primary ingredient that sets this sinus spray apart from all other sinus sprays.

The noses and sinuses are designed to act as filters and form the first line of defense against airborne contaminants such as dust and irritants. Keeping your nasal passages and sinuses clean with Xlear® Nasal Care Spray help keep these filters working as they should.

The benefits are exceptionally great for children.  Many clinical studies focus on the positive effects that result from using xylitol at an early age.  Because xylitol is safe, effective and gentle, it is highly recommended by ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) doctors, paediatricians, dentists and other health practitioners in over 20 countries.

Xlear® Kid’s Nasal Sinus Care Spray is the ONLY children’s sinus spray that has, combined, an effective amount of the unique properties of natural xylitol and the health-promoting practice of a saline sinus spray to help clean, hydrate and moisturise the sinus passages.

Features include: 

  • Cleans out built up mucus
  • Washes away dust, dander and other airborne irritants
  • Makes breathing easier
  • Moisturises and soothes the sinus and nasal passages (perfect for when heaters or air conditioners are on) 
  • Makes medication applied in the sinus more effective
  • Promotes sinus health
  • Safe to use by children
  • Conveniently sized 22 ml squeeze bottle.

Made from simple, natural ingredients:
Purified water, xylitol (11%) saline, grapefruit seed extract (as a natural preservative).


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