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At Lime Tree Kids, healthy and green living is something we live every day. Every single product in our home and of course, in the store is checked and double-checked to ensure that it is 100% safe, healthy and eco-friendly.

As a mum to two little ones, I want only the very best for my babies and am sure you do too. 

That is why, in this carefully handpicked selection of green and organic products, you will find the most planet-friendly AND baby-friendly glass bottles, stainless steel platters, wooden toys, skin care products and everything a mum needs to protect her babies and give them the best life possible.  Yes, many of the products here are my personal favourites. If you were to meet me in the supermarket aisle, it is likely I would talk about these with you!

 I’ve chosen everything that is not only oh-so-cute-and-good-to-look-at but also, amazingly free of toxic chemicals and dangerous additives.  

If you’re curious about the impact of chemicals on kids, head over to our blog to read about why stainless steel is good for you and more!

We’re proud to support and showcase brands, such as Lunchbots, Kids Konserve, Earthlust, Snack Happens and others, that are renowned for their commitment to a chemical-free planet.


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