IS Cloud Weather station

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IS Cloud Weather station


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The cloud-shaped storm glass with a beechwood base is a beautiful ornament and a traditional way to forecast the weather.

Once used by seafarers to predict oncoming storms, this historical device responds to atmospheric fluctuations to forecast the weather!

How to Predict the Weather:
Clear liquid: Bright and clear weather. 
Cloudy liquid: Cloudy, possible thunderstorms & rain.
Small dots in the liquid: Humid or foggy weather.
Large flaky crystals: Cloudy skies, snow in winter.
Threads of crystals at the top: Windy weather.
Crystals at the bottom: Frost may be coming.

Box dimensions: 18cm x 19cm 8cm

Please keep out of the reach of children, this is a decorative item, not a toy.

Can be fatal to children if sucked or swallowed. Contains Camphor 20.76/230g. Poison. Flammable.

Do not subject to direct or harsh lighting, direct sunlight, or place near to any heating or cooling vents.

Product Reviews

  1. April 1, 2021

    So Cool
    The cloud weather station is sooo cool! I love working out what the weather is going to be like every morning with the kids. It's like our own little daily experiment. It looks really beautiful on the hallway table too. I saw a couple of cheaper varieties of this product but I'm glad I went with this brand as the quality is very good.