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Happy As Larry

About the Brand

The Happy as Larry brand is dedicated to making products that are “beautiful, magical and made to last”.

Happy as Larry products are handmade by women in Nepal and are made from the finest quality New Zealand wool, ensuring gorgeous softness and plushness.

About the Founders

Amy Eaton, the “head honchette” at Happy as Larry is a talented and gifted designer with a Fine Arts degree in textiles and a love for the softness of felt.

Even, though Happy as Larry has grown big, Amy is directly involved with all aspects of the creative and manufacturing process, ensuring quality and care remain consistent.

Range of Products for Kids and Mums

 The Happy as Larry range include delightfully cheery, plush and pretty as ever rugs, trivets, coasters and even, small bowls and more, all made out of the softest felt ever!


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