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About the Brand 

The LunchBots brand is committed to making eating healthier easier and safer for parents and mums. Their range of stainless steel lunch boxes for kids make packing lunch free of the fear of chemicals leaching and at the same time, add variety to school lunches with their bento box-styles. 

About the Founders 

Founded by a mum in 2008, LunchBots was born out of her desire to pack a chemical-free, healthy lunch for her kids. LunchBots is a family-owned business with the passion for providing the healthiest, best looking and highest quality lunch containers… on the planet. 

Range of Products for Kids and Mums

The LunchBots range includes kids lunchboxes and insulated food containers that are sturdy, gorgeous to look at and make packing a healthy lunch easy and effortless for busy parents. 

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