Bed Wetting Essential Oil Blend

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Bed Wetting Essential Oil Blend

May 8, 2017 By Lime Tree Kids doTERRA Essential Oils comments



Bed wetting past a certain age tends to cause worry and concern for most parents. To be honest I'm not one of them – I'm of the camp that everything tends to happen in a child's body / life when it happens (as long as they aren’t wetting the bed at 21 and not emotionally impacted !!!)  


I've asked my son if I can share his story and he doesn’t mind, so I can share it now ..  

Sam toilet trained through the day at about 3 – he decided one day he wouldn’t be needing nappies anymore and from that day onwards he never has.. He is one of those kids that when he is ready he will do it – but it needs to be in his own time..  
However when it came to nighttime he slept very very deeply and so would wet the bed and I mean WET the entire bed !! No matter what tricks we tried like reducing his water or fluid intake later in the day to bed alarms .. it did NOT work for him. 

Sam needs deep tissue massage and essential oils to get to sleep and when he is asleep he is in such a deep sleep that nothing will wake him. I mean world war three could start and he would sleep peacefully through ..   He wasn’t that concerned so I wasn’t either. I briefly mentioned it to our Dr at about aged 8 and he said that it can be genetic and or just a chemical thing that some kids take longer .. So I wasn’t stressed – Sam wasn’t stressed. 

This year though Sam entered grade 4 and turned 10 , has loads of awesome friends doing sleep overs at our house and his first school camp coming up at the end of the year.. His friends dont care he wears a nappy - they are SO awesome (i love how kids can just accept their friends)  He was starting to get worried though about still wearing a Night Nappy ..

We switched Dr’s and they gave him a pill to take that STOPS your body from creating urine for 12 hours. I wasn’t a fan and things like that scare me.  Plus, it worked on and off – it wasn’t a good solution long term. 

So during this time I had been using essential oils on myself and the kids for about 18 months mainly for anxiety and other special needs the kids had.  The more I get into essential oils the more I realise, there really is an oil for EVERYTHING! 
One day Sam said to me – Mum isn’t there an oil for bedwetting?  I’m looking at him and think OMG of course there is – what an idiot  !!  So I jumped on the doTERRA facebook group I’m in and Voila – a common blend of essential oils ..  

Balance (a grounding Blend) and CYPRESS essential oil . 

Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of CYPRESS (Cupressus sempervirens) to treat chronic bedwetting. Cypress oil is great for the bladder and urinary track system all together.  And Balance is an amazing blend that has some of the best essential oils in it like Frankincense (what can that oil not help with), Blue Chamomile Flower, Spruce needle and more. It promotes a feeling of relaxation and tranquillity.   It’s actually my very favourite blend and one I regularly use on all of us. 


So this is the blend ...  


A carrier oil is a base oil that can be used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin. They are named CARRIER oils as they carry the essential oil onto the skin.   I only use doTERRA Fractionated coconut oil as it has no fragrance and is excellent on my kids very sensitive skin .  But other oils could be Almond Oil , Avocado Oil , Coconut Oil Virgin , Grapseed Oil , Olive Oil Rose Hip Oil. 

We used this blend for two weeks every night by rubbing on his abdomen at bedtime. Around week three we realised he hadn’t had a wet nappy in the morning for a few days so we stopped using one..   We still use the oil a few months later and have only had a few accidents and that’s usually after a full on day when he is exhausted and sleeping really deeply.  I think I’ll stop in another month and see how we go..      

I want to say as a bit of a disclaimer that I have heard medically that there can be other reasons why kids are bedwetting , we had all these checked out firstly and realised everything was fine – it was a “Sam” thing..  It was only when Sam was worried about this that I researched as like I said before, I do think kids just develop differently and when they are ready .. But he was ready and I didn’t wanting it impacting on his emotional side ..   It never hurts to try though and I'm glad we did (as is Sam) ..   I probably wouldn’t suggest starting this until 4 or 5 years as before than it’s just not that important ..   If you do make sure you halve the above dose as younger children need diluted versions of blends. 

Hopefully this post helps someone reading… Hopefully it made sense :) – Cypess oil has lots of great uses btw, not just bed wetting purposes – it’s great for womanly problems too! aka PMS.   And I would not live without Balance now that it’s a part of my life !! 

So now what to do ….  

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