10 Best Eco Baby Gifts Online

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10 Best Eco Baby Gifts Online

June 17, 2013 By Lime Tree Kids Baby comments
10 Best Eco Baby Gifts Online: Our Top Picks for Green and Eco-Friendly Presents for Bubba

Buying baby gifts online is convenient but also confusing. How does one decide whether the present one’s buying for a precious little bub is the best quality? Plus, the range of gifts for babies is HUGE. Yes, it is confusing.

So, to make it easy-peasy for you, here are the 10 best eco baby gifts online for 2013: 


1. Super-Cute Security Blankets 

This flatout bunny in 100% Australian sheepskin and lovingly handmade is the perfect gift for a little bub who wants to snuggle with something soft and comforting. Perfect for soothing and comforting the little one with safety and care.

2. Bath Toys to Make a Splash Safely 

For bubbas who don’t like their bath so much, these BPA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free, colourful bath bubble toys are perfect. They are great for sticking on the wall or for babies to stack them one on top of the other, link them and just have a splash!

3. DINGaRING 3-in-1 Rattles Make Great Gifts for Babies 

Rattles are one of the best gifts for babies and when they’re from the original DINGaRING range, featuring quirky characters and a natural wooden teething ring, they just get better! These eco gifts are 3-in-1 toys with a teething ring, a rattle and a soft toy, all combined. Choose from a HUGE variety of cute characters!

4. Smart Smartphone Teethers 

Have a bub who likes your smartphone? Get him one of his own instead! 100% BPA free silicone Smart Phone teethers from Jellystone Designs are available in 7 bright and baby-friendly colours and are soft and safe for baby to chew on without you getting worried!

5. Baby Bell Toys to Delight a Bubba

Made from sustainable plantation forest wood, these cute little toys, shaped like, ducks and dogs are easy for little hands to hold and are smooth to the touch. With a little bell that’ll ring as they’re pushed, you can be sure of hours of fun play with these baby gifts!

6. Zigolos Owl Stacker is a Great Green Baby Gift

This cute little stacking and rocking toy from Janod makes a great gift for babies. Bubs will have tons of fun stacking the pieces to “make” the owl and then rocking or spinning him!

7. Eco-Friendly Activity Boxes 
The Tip-Top Triangle from I’m Toys is one of the best baby gifts online with its ideal combination of sustainable rubber wood and eco-friendly fabric. This particular activity toy will have bubs delighting in a rotating wheel, spinning cylinder, sliding bead, flipping disc, soft rattle frog in a clear pocket, soft crinkle sun, peek-a-boo window, and safe mirror. As they grow older, they can play a touch-and-tell game by touching any objects hidden behind the soft circular door and tell what it is. Yes, hours of fun!

8. Eco-Friendly Busy House 

Another great gift idea for bubs, this busy house from I’m Toys is made of sustainable rubber wood and non-toxic paints with bright colours and features an abacus, shape sorter, clock, picture matching, blocks, hammer, slider and reversible peg. Tons of learning and play!

9. Safe Sippy for Safe Drinking

Bubs like to drink. And a Safe Sippy made of food grade stainless steel in bright colours is not only BPA-free, durable and eco-friendly but also, versatile. When bubba wants to leave the sippy behind and use a straw like the big kids, all you need to do is switch to the straw adapter. Good for bubs, better for parents!

10. Babiators Sunglasses Make Sunny Days Safer

Finally, every bub needs to keep his eyes safe when heading out into the sun. Babiators Junior range is perfect for babies, 9 month to 3 years. Available in bright colours and with lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, and per FDA requirements, are impact and shatter resistant, Babiator sunglasses are BPA-Free, without phthalates, and without lead-based paint. Yes, they make one of the best baby gifts, ever!

Buying baby gifts online? What’s on your list?