5 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Eco-Friendly Mums

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5 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Eco-Friendly Mums

July 15, 2013 By Prerna Baby & Family comments

 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Eco-Friendly Mums

Choosing the best baby shower gifts for green-living expectant mums can be a challenge. You can either spend hours looking through baby gifts online and then, double checking to see if they’re safe and organic or you can simply pick gifts that are certified organic, chemical-free,sustainable and essentially, designed for the eco-friendly parent.

Best Baby Shower Gifts for Green Mums

Here’s one such list of the best eco gifts for babies and mums to help make choosing the perfect present easy for you:

1. Jellystone Designs Jewellery

Make an expectant mum look great with Jellystone’s range of “mums-only” jewellery. BPA-free and made of silicone,these stylish pendants and necklaces and bracelets are ideal for mums both, before and after bub arrives. Soft, non-toxic and easy-to-clean, these are a must-have for eco-friendly expectant mums!

2. A Parenting Book Library

A book bag filled with practical and useful books for mums to read before bubba arrives is a great green gift. Want to be greener? Gift her eBooks and save paper too!

3. A Cute Tea Infuser

Tired and exhausted pregnant mums love a cuppa tea to lift their spirits and when the tea is infused by Mr.Tea, it just gets better! This cute little “man” made from food-grade silicone plastic makes brewing tea a delightful affair. Pair it with some packs of organic tea and you have the perfect “perk-mum-up” eco gift basket!

4. An Organic Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are pretty much the best gifts for babies and mums who want to practice attachment parenting will love them. Choose an organic baby carrier such as this one from ERGObaby, made from certified organic cotton, and you’d have gifted an eco-friendly mum the most stylish and safe baby wearing solution!

5. Natural and Stylish Nappy Bags

Every mum needs a nappy bag. Period. So,get her something that’s stylish and safe and she’ll love you for it! Choose from delightful colours, snazzy designs and styles for a nappy bag that can go from stashing nappies and pacifiers to holding books and makeup just as easily!

What do YOU think make the best baby shower gifts for eco-friendly mums? Share with the Lime Tree Kids parent community on Facebook or in the comments below!

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