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5 Must-Have Cookbooks for Wholesome and Healthy Meal Ideas

June 12, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Family comments

healthy meal ideas

Healthy meal ideas. Ahhh!!

If, like me, you often struggle with what to make for lunch or dinner that isn’t a challenge to whip up and is wholesome at the same time, you will love this post.

It’s packed with some of my fave resources that I reach for when I’m stuck for snack recipes and dinner ideas that are easy, quick, tasty and healthy too. Yes, tick all those boxes.

Here are 5 cookbooks everyone needs in their kitchen for meals that are healthy and wholesome, without taking a ton of time.


1. Wholefood for Children by Jude Blereau

 This award-winning cookbook is packed with healthy wholesome recipes for children aged 6 months to 7 years.

 So, whether you have a toddler with developing tastes or a first grader who fusses, you’ll have a handy stash of yummy recipes that pack a healthy punch too. 

2. Coming Home to Eat: Wholefood for the Family by Jude Blereau

Jude Blereau’s characteristic style shines in this healthy eating cookbook for the family where she shares wholesome and nutrient-rich recipes for busy home cooks.

With recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, you’ll never be out of ideas with this one on your side. 

3. The Grain-Free Family Table by Carrie Vitt


This healthy eating cookbook is perfect for the family that has to cut grains out of their diet without doing away with taste and nourishment. 

With scrumptious recipes, like Avocado with Mango-Shrimp Salsa, Thyme and Cheddar Crackers, Roasted Garlic Alfredo with Chicken and Vegetables and LOTS more, you’ll have plenty to choose from for breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Not just that, Carrie has ensured there are lots of kid-pleasing snacks and foods too, along with time-saving ideas, health tips and more. 

4. The Happy Cookbook by Lola Berry  

Lola Berry’s vibrant, full-on flavour recipes from The Happy Cookbook will have you glowing with good health.

With over 120 recipes to choose from, this gorgeous recipe book includes healthy meal ideas for vegetarians, non-vegetarians and vegans too. 

Based around nutritionally enriching foods, Lola’s recipes are gluten-free, wheat-free and with very little dairy and no refined sugar. Yep, brimming with good health and great taste indeed. 

5. The 20/20 Diet Cookbook by Lola Berry 

If you want to eat healthy and also, lose weight, you need Lola Berry’s Nourish in your kitchen right now!

 Packed with health-boosting recipes that boost the metabolism and keep you nourished while helping you shed those stubborn kilos. Win-win indeed.