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5 Super Spring Activities for Preschoolers: Fun Ways toEnjoy the Season with the Kids

September 3, 2013 By Prerna Children, Family & Lifestyle comments

spring activities for kids

Are  you enjoying the beautiful weather these days? We are! There is something about the change in seasons that just makes one want to stop awhile, savour the sweetness and be grateful for what we have.

So, if you’re in the mood to enjoy the delightfulness that spring offers, here are 5 super fun ways to make the most of the gorgeous weather!

1. Art and Craft Time with Spring Flowers

Awe-struck with the bright and cheery flowers outside? Why not get the kids to have an arty party with paints,stamps, colours and more? Keep the craft supplies organised neatly on the table with a cute craft turntable and stock up on all your craft and art supplies, right here.

2. Head Out and Have a Picnic

The weather is inviting you to come outdoors and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells! Breathe in fresh air, gaze at the lovely blooms and listen to the birds chirping away merrily. Bliss! Better still, make some sandwiches and muffins, take a blanket,pack a roomy bag with books and toys for thekids and make a day of it! Nothing says spring more than picnics in the park!

3. Springing it for the Beach

Picnics are fun but the beach can be better, right?! Kick off the cold wintry chills, and grab your beach sombrilla, pack a beach bag with swimsuits and swim nappies for the babies, a good book to read, some sand toys for the kids, and a wet bag or two, and you’re all set.

4. Spring Fun in the Kitchen

While the weather outside is lovely and inviting, you may want to spend time indoors too, relaxing and recharging yourself. Whip up some yummy smoothies for everyone, pour them into some gorgeous BallMason jars and sip away as you read, craft or just lounge. You can also,enjoy the fruits of spring, literally, and make some yummy ice blocks with the Zipzicles or ice pops with the ZokuQuick Pop maker. Yes, the fun never ends!!

5. Go Camping… In Your Garden

Finally, one of the most fun ways to enjoy spring is to put up a tent, or a teepee in your own garden and let the kids have a blast “camping”. You can even join them and have a barbecue outside, later in the evening. Sounds fun, right?

How will YOU be enjoying spring with the kids? Share your favourite spring activity ideas with us!