5 Ways to Make Bedtime Fun and Fuss-Free for Kids

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5 Ways to Make Bedtime Fun and Fuss-Free for Kids

July 10, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Children & Family comments

 Is bedtime a struggle at your home?

You aren’t alone.

Even when the kids are terribly tired, the thought of going to bed sends them into Tantrum-ville!

In fact, it is when they’re absolutely tired, can’t keep eyes open, that they really, really resist going to bed.

 So, what’s Mum to do?

 Bring out some of these amazing bedtime must-haves to make bedtimes fun and fuss-free instead.

 Five Bedtime Routine Must-Haves for Exhausted Mums


1.  A Special Soft Sleepytime Blanket


Kids blankets that are delightfully snuggly and scrumptiously soft are bound to make your little ones look forward to bedtime.

 Keep a blanket especially for bedtime to help them link the blanket with going to bed.

 Use a different blanket for watching TV with or simply snuggling up to read a book or play on the iPad.

 2. Sleep Music for Kids

 Sleep music for kids is a delightfully pleasant way to make winding down for the evening easy and effortless.

 Pop in the CD as you get started with the evening bath and change routine. Let them listen to the soft, lilting music that soothes and relaxes them, instead of exciting and winding them up.

A great alternative to watching TV before bedtime.

3. A Sleep Training Clock to Keep Early Risers in Bed


Do you have a child who likes to rise with the sun?

 Then you need a sleep training clock to help them get used to staying in bed until it’s time to actually wake up.

 Plus, a sleep training clock also helps kids identify when bedtime rolls around as well.


4. A Night Light That Keeps Nightmares Away

Do your kids dread bedtime because they’re afraid of monsters under the bed or things that go bump in the night? ;)

Keep night time fears at bay and make bedtime pleasantly fun and cheery with adorably cute night lights that will soothe their fears and help then unwind and drift off to Dreamland with ease.


5. Waterproof Mattress Protectors for Night Time Toilet Training

Are you toilet training your toddler? Does that mean waking up in the middle of the night to change the sheet and then, starting the whole winding down process again?

If so, make sure you have these amazing Brolly Sheets waterproof mattress protectors that are comfy and convenient too. No more changing the entire sheet in the middle of the night!


What does bedtime look like at your home?