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November 7, 2016 By Lime Tree Kids Baby comments

Choosing the right toys for a six month old to 12 month old will help them develop their essential skills. 

At this age babies are usually: 
Showing interest in their new surroundings 
Recognising their main care givers 
Rapidly gaining confidence 
May face separation anxiety when left 
Experimenting with noise making 
Trying to copy your sounds and the sounds around them 
Starting to sit, crawl, stand and even take their first steps 
Hand eye cod-ordination is getting better – that’s why they are always finding feet, playing with their fingers or toes,     clapping etc 
Eating solid food 
Enjoying finding out about sensory needs like touch, smell, feel etc and exploring these 


Toys to develop Cognitive Skills

At this age babies are developing their cognitive skills quickly.  It’s all about trial and error, rolling ball to see what happens, banging toys, exploring and doing something to get a reaction from those they love.  They are trying to make different noises and control / mimic the sound of their own voice. heir own attention is fleeting and they enjoy the surprise of novelty as their short term memory is not yet developed, so out of sight is very much out of mind. 
Babies LOVE to play and through play we believe all things can be developed.


Some suggestions are : 

1. Hape Take Along Activity Box 

2. Skip Hop Roll Around Rattles 

3.  Everearth Pink Leaf Grasping Toy 

4. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies 

5 . Im Toy Tip Top Triangle


Toys to develop Personal, Social & Emotional  Skills

Babies are starting to become more aware of other people in their world and love being with them.  At this age babies start to smile when they see someone friendly or they love, they LOVE getting a reaction back and enjoy facial expression on others when they do something.  Little one’s love seeing themselves in a mirror.  At this age cuddly toys and snuggles can become important as a means of emotional security and support.  You’ll also notice babies will start being able to tell you from their cry what they want – when they are hungry, tired, bored etc.  The cycle of attachment is enhanced when the babies / infants needs are met .   

1. Wee Gallery Cloth Books

2. Flat Out Bear 

3. Magic Mirror Bath Shapes 

4.  Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Soother

5. Little + Sleep , Koala or Kiwi Sleep Gift Sets 

Toys to develop Physical & Motor  Skills 

Watch out baby is on the move ..  Crawling, rolling and even maybe walking.  Lots of development of the bug muscles that help all this happen and help them with their balance which will help with walking. 
Babies start crawling around now which strengthens their gross motor skills as well as postural control.  Crawling also helps with vital cognitive skills (the left and right brain talking to each other) which is vital for when they are older.   Babies love balls to roll after , things to push and pull help encourage movement. 

1. Skip Hop Camping Cubs Baby Activity Gym 

2. Sunny Life Baby Inflatables 

3. Hape Pull and Play Shape Sorter 

4. Hape Rock a Long Ride On Puppy 

5.  Skip Hop Owl Tummy Time Mat 

Toys to develop Speech, Language & Communication

Babies and infants love to chitter chatter and make sound. This is important for initiating meaningful verbal communication at a later stage.  Reading to baby is such a great way to let them hear sounds and words and also enjoy time with you.

 A child is NEVER too young to be read to.  It is such a great way to help with speech, language and communication and can be so much fun! 

By speaking to baby throughout the day and when baby does start babbling – responding encouragingly will help baby be more confident to use their new found voice.  Also .. Read Read Read .. 

1. Wee Gallery Books 

2. Petit Collage First Words Book - Day&Night 

3.Tiger Tribe ABC Flash Cards - Animals  

4. Time For Bed by Mem Fox Book 

5.  Petit Collage ABC Touch & Feel Alphabet Book - Hardcover Book 


Toys to develop Creativity 


Teething Toys