Activities for Kids: How to Encourage Reading in Kids

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Activities for Kids: 5 Ways to Get More Reading Done at Home

March 11, 2015 By Prerna Children, Family & Play comments

Reading is one of my fave go-to activities for kids when I run out of ideas for quiet play. Luckily my daughter agrees. ;)

“Grab a book!”

“What should we read?”

“What happened in [insert name of last book read]?”

Anything to do with reading and happily my daughter will oblige.

Here’s what worked for us when encouraging a love for books in her.

Activities for Kids: Raising a Reader


1. Start Early

I started reading to my daughter when she was barely 4 months. I got a few of those board books and one of the fabric ones and read to her.

I like to think that it must have made a difference and helped her think of books as something to love and enjoy ;)

2. Read Yourself


Let the kiddies see you read. Yes, really… actions do speak louder than words.

Kids tend to look at books as fun and interesting when they see the grown ups feel the same way.

So, on the weekend or in the evenings, gather around and read your own book while the kids read theirs.  

3. Have Books Handy


Simple enough. Make sure you have books handy when you need them. Whether that’s through weekly trips to the library or by picking a few up regularly, make sure you have age-appropriate and level-appropriate books easily available around the house.

So, instead of saying, “read something” you can say “let’s read [name of book] and find out what happens to [name of character]” 

4. Discuss Books Even When You Aren’t Reading Them


Reading can be fun when you turn it into a topic of conversation and a way of connecting with your kids.

Ask them what they liked the most, what made them happy, which character resembles them, what would they do in similar situations and so on.

Refer to a book when you’re doing something else, like hanging out the wash or putting dishes away.

Make reading a part of life, naturally.

5. Make it Fun, Not a Chore


Finally, and most importantly, reading is a great activity for kids, but let it remain an activity, a fun thing to do and not turn into a chore.

It shouldn’t be something kids HAVE to do rather something they WANT to do.

How do YOU make reading an interesting and engaging activity for your kids?