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All I Want for Christmas: Bianca from A Little Delightful Shares Perfect Picks for Christmas Gifts

October 11, 2013 By Prerna Guest Blogs & Lifestyle comments

christmas gift ideas

With Christmas right around the corner, we at the Lime Tree Kids HQ put our Santa caps on and thought it would be really fun AND helpful to share what other Mums absolutely LOVE. You know, make your job looking for presents and gift ideas easy-peasy. 

Yes, being Mummas ourselves, we know how much we appreciate it when someone makes shopping for gifts easy for us!

So, kicking off this series of posts, is the beautiful Bianca from A Little Delightful sharing her fave picks from the Lime Tree Kids store: 

1. Sling Bookshelf

Getting kids excited about reading isn’t always a simple task, but the lovely Sling Bookshelf makes story time a lot more fun by making books easily accessible and visible. This shelf is the perfect gift for the young readers in your life. 


The ultrasonic vaporiser was easily our most popular product during the winters this year. You can make the next winter season easy for someone you love by gifting them this must-have. The Ultrasonic Vaporiser also acts as an Air Purifier, Ioniser, Aroma Diffuser and Night Lamp. No more condensation, because there is no heating element, the ultrasonic wave technology works on the vibration of the water at such a speed that water vapours are dispersed into the atmosphere to add moisture to the environment.
The unit stays cool to touch and the vapours are cool so it is perfectly safe to place anywhere in the room, without fear of bacteria forming on soft furnishings. 

With over 6 soft soothing lighting colours that can rotate or be set on the one colour or switched off, the unit is quiet, compact, attractive and safe to place in the nursery or children’s’ bedrooms. 

3. Honeybee Market

Make pretend play delightful fun with this gorgeous market stall featuring a striped canopy complete with a cute retro bell. This absolutely awesome wooden market stall will provide hours of entertainment and fun for your little ones. It includes a canvas shopping bag and a crate of apples and pears!

4. Beatrix NY Lunchboxes 

The gorgeous Beatrix NY Lunchboxes will make taking lunch to school fun and easy for kids. Available in a range of stylish designs, the insulated lunchboxes are made of heavy duty Nylon for durability. The reverse side has a zippered pocket and also a name tag. Perfect for keeping lunches nice and fresh!

5.Ball Mason Jar with Handle

Mason jars have taken over the world with their retro chic looks and their easy functionality. These gorgeous Mason drinking jars with handle are totally trending right now! They’re perfect for drinking and storing juices, smoothies, plain water or any other drink. 

Not just that, they’re also awesome for art and craft and a host of other purposes. Check out our Mason Jars Pinterest board to see what we mean!

6. Alphabet art flashcards 

An absolutely lovely set of 26 large-sized flash cards featuring pictures, upper & lower case letters and individual letters from A to Z, this makes a great gift for the little learner in your family.  Your little one will love the pictures of the airplanes, boats, submarine, yacht and many more.

They can be used on display as room décor as well as for learning the alphabet, letters & words.

7. Jack and Jill Organic Toothpaste 

Jack and Jill toothpaste is made from organic ingredients and is 100% safe for young children – especially because they have a tendency to swallow it! All Jack and Jill packaging is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won't mind them sitting on their bathroom vanity. A gift that’s good for everyone and practical too!

8. Boon Bath Creatures

Kids wouldn’t want bath time to end with these squishy bath creatures from Boon. They’ll have tons of fun creating any fish they wish. Surf’s up in the bathtub! Fill them up. Pour them out. Watch the water trickle out the tiny holes on their sea creature heads. Mix and match their parts to create new underwater species. Yes, bath time just took on a whole new meaning!

9. Additive Alert 

The use of food additives in our everyday foods has increased so rapidly over the past 50 years that is getting increasingly difficult to find foods which are additive free. What is most concerning is the fact that there are many food additives used in our food,  which are known to be harmful. 

Many are known to be bad for children and asthmatics, many are not recommended during pregnancy and some additives are banned overseas and yet still permitted for use in Australian foods. Additive Alert will tell you quickly and easily which ones you need to avoid, and why. 

10. Automoblox Minis

Finally, we’ve gotta round up with these beautiful 3 pack of Mini's that are sure to impress! 

With stylish features, this toy cars will certainly be loved! They are a modern take on classic wooden cars. 

The pack includes an A9-S, X9-X & an M9.  They are just a scaled down version of the traditional Automoblox cars in the range.  Totally cool colours too, with an orange, purple and a blue one.

Thank you Bianca for sharing your favourites from the Lime Tree Kids store! Be sure to connect with Bianca on Facebook and her site for everything delightful!

So, which ones from Bianca’s list are on YOUR Christmas wishlist? Make sure you follow us on Pinterest for more great Christmas gift ideas to make shopping easy and effortless!