Comforting Sick Kids: How to Comfort Your Unwell Baby or Toddler

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Comforting Sick Kids: How to Comfort Your Unwell Baby or Toddler

April 15, 2014 By Prerna Baby, Children & Family comments

how to comfort a sick child

I spent the whole of last week tending to and comforting an unwell little one. Comforting sick kids is an art that helps both mums and their little ones during a time that can be quite trying for both!

Here are some tips on how to comfort your unwell or sick little baby or toddler, from one mum to another:


1. Get a Snuggle Buddy that Soothes

 When my little one is unwell, she loves snuggling with her blankie and her favourite Ariel doll. You could give your little one a snuggle buddy as well, especially one that also doubles up as a cold or heat pack, like the Cuddlups, depending on what they need.

 I also love the super squishy and cuddly blankies from Jellycat. 

2. Dish Out Lots of Cuddles and Kisses 

This is one thing that all babies, toddlers and older kids want plenty of. Lots of cuddling, quiet time and being treated special. Whether it is a meal in bed or reading a much-loved book, use this time to just do some low mum-and-kid stuff together.

 3. Make Sleeping Easier with a Vaporiser and Diffuser

 Since my little girl had a cough that wracked her chest and kept her up all night as well as a stuffy nose, the Ultrasonic vaporiser with a few drops of lavender essential oil was popped on and used every night so she could sleep peacefully and so could I! A rested mum can take care of a sick child much better than a sleep-deprived one. Trust me! 

4. More Tips for Comforting Sick Kids from Mums 

Finally, I reached out to our awesome community of mums for their best tips and here’s what they had to share!! Some real pearls of wisdom here!! 


What are YOUR best tips for comforting a sick little one?

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice but merely suggestions on how to soothe a sick child.