Decorating with Night Lights

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Decorating with Night Lights

October 11, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids comments

If you’re looking for knick-knack pieces to style your children’s bedroom, then don’t shy away from displaying a night light.

Night lights now come in an array of shapes and sizes that work as cute décor during the day and a form of light during the night in your little one’s room. Night lights take the hassel out of leaving a light on in the house so your little one can drift off to sleep. They save on power and offer light where needed, rather than flooding a full area of the home.

When choosing a night light you have to consider whether you want a battery operated light or one that runs off electricity.

Nightlights can look great displayed on a shelf, on a side table or placed on a chest of drawers.

Here are some of our favourite picks of the current night lights available in store that will add a whimsical touch to your little one’s room.

  1. Gus the Turtle Night Light $29.95        
  2. Lamb Night Light $10
  3. Owl Night Light $59.95
  4. Ice Cream Night Light $19.95
  5. Pear Night Light $19.95
  6. Dog Night Light $10
  7. Pineapple Night Light $19.95


Which night light is your favourite?