The Best Kids Outdoor Toys for Creativity and Good Health

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For Kids: Outdoor Toys, The Easiest Way to Good Health

April 1, 2014 By Prerna Healthy Living & Play comments

For kids, outdoor toys are the best thing possible because not only do they make play super-fun but they also, manage to get kids out of the house and engaged in real, good, physical activity! SO important for building those bones!

So, here’s our mum-approved top picks for the best outdoor toys for kids. Take your pick and give your little ones the gift of going outdoors and getting healthy! And, did we mention, that because they’ll play outdoors, your home is going to be much neater. Yes!

Best Kids Outdoor Toys for Good Health and Great Play


1. An Outdoor Bench and Table Set is Just Perfect


Right on top of our list is a gorgeous outdoor bench and table set that can be a little spot to host tea parties, read, or just rest when the little monkeys are tired from running about.


2. Skipping Ropes are SO Much Fun


These gorgeous skipping ropes will have kids playing and getting some exercise as well!! You could join in and relive your childhood moments too!!


3. Wheelbarrows and Wagons are Wonderful Outdoor Toys


Every child must have a wheelbarrow or wagon to lug things around inside and outside of the house. My daughter’s latest wheelbarrow fascination is to put herself in it and then, push herself around with her legs. Yes, sadly, not much physical activity there unless you count the pushing! But then, she does also use it during pick up time to take back all her toys to the rightful homes, so I’m not complaining!


4. Balls for Bouncing Around 

All little ones love a ball to bounce around and when it's as colourful and cute as these big globe balls or small colourful balloon balls, the fun never ends!! 


5. Rockers and Ride Ons for Rip-Roaring Fun

Finally, every child must have a bike that’ll literally, give them wheels, like these running bikes! Not only do they learn independence but also get, some great exercise. Want to make it extra fun? Get yourself an adult bike and join the kids when they cycle around the block!


What are YOUR top picks for kiddie outdoor toys? Share with me in the comments so that I may add to this list!