Healthy Lunchbox Ideas to Add Fun and Flavour to Kids Lunchboxes

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Healthy Lunchbox Ideas: How to Add Fun and Flavour to Kids’ Lunchboxes

January 14, 2014 By Prerna Children, Family & School comments
healthy lunchbox ideas for kids
I’m sure we’re all very excited about sending the kids back-to-school later this month but if you’re anything like me, you’re probably scouting for fun and healthy lunchbox ideas to make sure that the little ones are excited about school lunches and yet get their daily dose of good health. 

Here are Shelley and my favourite ways to infuse fun and flavour into our kids lunchboxes: 

A Healthy Lunchbox is a Happy Lunchbox

Yes, my daughter loves her red Lunchbots lunch box because it makes her “happy”.  Happy lunchboxes are the ones your kids love opening up and eating from. Choose a lunch box that will appeal to your kids and help YOU pack a nutritional punch with a variety of fruits, snacks and veggies. 

Our Picks for Kids Lunch boxes and Lunch bags: 

Yubo Lunch Box Systems 

Load Up on Fruits and Veggies for Healthy Lunches 

The good thing about lunchboxes or insulated lunch bags is that you can pack a healthful punch with a mix of fruits and vegies. Pair these with yummy dips or some cheese cubes and voila, you have easy-to-eat healthy lunches made simple. 

Frozen berries, baby vegies, fruit cut in different shapes are all great ways to brighten up the little one’s lunch box. 

Our Picks for Making Fruit and Vegies Fun: 

Twisted Apple Peeler

Use a Mix of Sandwich Shapes and Fillings for Flavour and Fun 

Shelley and I both enjoy using fun sandwich cutters and cookie cutters to turn plain, ol’ sandwiches into cars, critters, owls, crowns or cupcake-shapes depending on what strikes our fancy. The sandwich becomes instantly more appealing and it’s hardly any extra work!

Our Picks for Fun Sandwich Shapes: 
Sandwich Cutters- The Sweet Set 
Sandwich Cutters- Vrrrmm 

Plus, varying the fillings from Vegemite and cheese to tuna salad to creamed mushrooms {my daughter’s current fave!} helps keep interest alive and infuse flavour and good health into the lunch box! Having a few awesome wholefood recipe books helps as well because there’s only so much that you can find on Pinterest or on your own! Ask me how I know!

Our Picks for Wholefood Recipe Books:
Wholefood Simply by Bianca Slade  
Vegie Smugglers by Wendy Blume 
Wholefood for Children by Jude Blereau 

What are YOUR favourite healthy lunchbox ideas? How do you make school lunches fun and filled with good health? Share with us in the comments!