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Home Decorating Ideas That Brighten Up Decor on a Budget: For the Kids’ Room

July 8, 2014 By Prerna Family & Kids Decor comments

home decorating ideas for kids rooms

Home decorating ideas almost always fall into two categories for me- too complicated or too expensive.

So, we decided to put together a series on posts on decorating the home and making it stylish, unique and fun without breaking the bank..

The first post in the series cover the kiddies’ rooms. Yes, rooms that need not just cuteness but also, convenience, comfort and tons of storage!! Especially since Shelley just finished creating a gorgeous big girl princess room for her little Sienna! Yes, that's Sienna's room featured above!!

We’ve picked décor elements that are not just delightful to look at and child-friendly but also, cost $50 or less.

Kids Room Decorating Ideas:


1. Wall Decals and Framed Art Are Wonderful

One of the easiest ways to brighten up any room and especially, the kids’ room is by using gorgeous wall decals and wall art. Decals are super easy to add to a room and can create a delightfully themed look in next to no time.

 Check out the beautiful decals from Speckled House and you can have a fairy tale room, a space-themed room or a transport-theme and so many more in an instant.

 Wall prints and art for kids’ rooms are another simple and easy way to brighten up the space and add prettiness without breaking the bank.

 These gorgeous art pieces from May & Belle are all under $40 and have tons of personality!


2. Toys That Make Great Display Pieces

 I’m also a HUGE fan of toys that do double duty as gorgeous display pieces as well! While most can be quite expensive {think wooden dolls’ houses or this gorgeous Goki metal ride-on car}, there are some great toys that can add fun and personality to a child’s room without crossing the $50 mark.

 My picks include:

 The My First Autobahn Tape that lets you create a cool racing road right in the room AND doesn’t take any extra space as well!!

 JiP Chalkboards for Kids are cute to look at, great for scribbling messages and add fun to a room’s décor too!!


3. Laundry Baskets You’d Love to Display

 Laundry baskets from 3 Sprout are SO gorgeous, they make excellent décor elements. At under $50, they’re a functional and fun decorating idea for the kids room. Swans, farm animals, lions, you have them all!!

 4. Cute Bathroom Décor Accents

 When brightening up the kids’ room, don’t leave the bathroom out! Yes, adding a few fun accents there will add colour and cuteness instantly! This fun penguin soap dispenser from Skip Hop will be an awesome addition to any child’s bathroom!!

 5. More Unique Kids Room Decorating Ideas

 Sometimes, just adding a few quirky and stylish accents can brighten up décor instantly. Here are some cool ideas:


Cheery coloured felt bowls to corral  small toys and kiddie clutter


Cloud hangers to hang kids clothes and accessories on.


Cute night lamps that banish bedtime fears and brighten décor.


What are some of your fun and easy home decorating ideas that don’t break the bank?