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How to Make Being Out and About with a Baby and Pram Easy and Effortless

June 17, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids Children, Family & Lifestyle comments

Heading out to the stores, markets or park with your baby and the pram?

Wondering how you’ll juggle those shopping bags with ease while maneuvering the pram around?

Or worried that your little one will get bored and start a tantrum when you’re just getting started with your shopping?

Or unsure if he’ll be able to nap with ease with all the store announcements going on?

You aren’t alone.

Heading out to any public place with a pram and a baby or toddler isn’t easy.  You need to think about keeping your little one entertained, engaged, fed, comfortable and safe.

Yep. I know.

So, what’s a Mum to do?

Here are 5 things that will change the way you make outings with babies and prams happen:

1. Protect with Pram Liners

Pram liners are perfect for keeping baby nice and comfy while also, protecting your pram from messes and toilet training accidents.

These gorgeous pram liners from Bambella Designs will not only make your pram look stylish but also, keep baby comfortable when you’re out and about.

2. Make Napping Easy with Pram Swag Covers

Swag covers for the pram are a genius invention! Really. They’re perfect for giving your baby or toddler some protection from prying eyes, noise and even, insects, etc.

Plus, it’s stylish and breathable too. Check out these uber-trendy pram swags from Bambella again. 

3. Snag those Bags with Stroller Hooks

Don’t want to tote your nappy bag on the shoulder or juggle those shopping bags? Carry them with ease with a set of stroller hooks that will make carrying bags and totes easy-peasy.

4. Stay Easily Organised with a Stroller Organiser

Every pram or stroller needs a stroller organiser. No kidding.

It is a must-have to keep baby’s toys, snacks, drinks easily accessible. You can be sure your little one will be nicely engaged, fed and engrossed when he has everything he need to keep him entertained.

Plus, if they have front zippered pockets like, the Skip Hop stroller organisers, you can keep your keys and phone secure too and be truly hands-free.

5. Soothe and Entertain with Stroller Toys

Want to keep baby busy while you browse the supermarket aisles? Make sure he has a stroller toy or two.

These toys are adorably cute, cheerily coloured and best of all, attach to the stroller so you don’t have to spend all your time picking it off the floor or sanitising it. 

What makes heading out with baby and pram easy for you??