Pack the Perfect Beach Bag: Get Organised When Packing for the Beach

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How to Pack the Perfect Beach Bag: The Complete Checklist for Busy Mums

October 4, 2013 By Prerna Family & Lifestyle comments
perfect beach bag

The weather is gorgeous and the days lovely. Yes, the season is perfect and it is time to head to the beach and make a day of it! 

However, every busy mum knows that a beach trip means a well-packed beach bag to make that trip as easy and stress-free as possible. 

Here is how to pack beach bags that add more fun and enjoyment to your beach trips: 

1. Pack Light and Smart 

While it may be tempting to take the house with you when you head to the beach, don’t. Instead, make a checklist of everything that you need to keep the kids and you entertained, fed, clean and safe. 

Once you have the list, go over it and remove items that may be extras. For example, you may not need 6 different sand toys and can do with 3. 

2. Choose a Beach Bag that’s Roomy {Yet Stylish!} 

Since packing for the beach DOES need a bit of stuff, it makes sense to invest in beach bags that are roomy yet stylish enough to be toted around.  Over here, Shelley loves {like absolutely LOVES} the JeanieB Beach Bag. The bag is large, gorgeous to look at and comes with a water-resistant sleeve that’s perfect for keeping important items – keys, wallet, sunglasses,  dry and sand-free. 

3. Beach Bag Essentials 

Finally, I couldn’t write a post on packing the perfect beach bag and not give you a list of essentials. Feel free to copy this list when making your own: 

The Beach Must-Haves

Wallet and/or purse and cash . Yes, this mum has been known to pack and forget the cash at home. **Sigh**
Car and house keys. Also, either carry duplicates with you or leave them with a trusted friend or neighbor. 
Prescriptions and other medications. 
First-aid kit

At The Beach Fun Kit 

Books and magazines for you and the kids. 
Sand toys. What’s a beach trip without these?!
Swirlies. Seriously fun for grown ups too!
Camera to click a ton of sand and surf photos 
Insect catchers to collect seashells and other beach-y stuff.   

Basic Beach Wear
Complete change of clothes for every one. I’d recommend a couple of changes for the little ones. 
Wet bags.
Swimsuits and Swim nappies for the babies
Beach towels
Sandals (rubber, plastic or waterproof are best)
Waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher 
Insect repellent and/or an anti-itch cream 
Water bottles, snack packs and a large rug to spread out when munching and lazing. 
A beach umbrella to keep you shaded from the sun.  
And of course, a large, roomy beach bag for toting everything with ease!

What would YOU add to the beach bag packing checklist? Share with me in the comments or in the Lime Tree Kids community on Facebook