Insulated Lunch Bags: How to Keep them Clean and Germ-free

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Insulated Lunch Bags: Cleaning Tips for Busy Mums

February 10, 2015 By Lime Tree Kids School comments

Insulated lunch bags are a must for school going kids and for Mums and Dads too. After all, we all love to enjoy a nice, fresh lunch that’s at the perfect temperature, right?

However, insulated lunch bags also have a tendency to get grimy, smelly and sticky. I know. Ewww!!

But let’s not “ewwww” any more and instead find out how easy and simple it is to keep these must-have lunch bags clean, fresh and hygienic, all the time.

Every Day Easy Cleaning for Insulated Lunch Bags

1. On a daily basis, after you empty out the lunch bag, wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes or a cloth wipe and some cleaning spray. Nothing fancy…even equal parts of vinegar and water would do. Or just regular store bought cleaning spray will work.

2. Leave them open for a while to air them out and get any food odours out effectively.

Weekly or As Needed Deep Lunch Bag Cleaning

Most lunch bags can be washed in the machine however, please read instructions before tossing them in there.

Depending on what the cleaning instructions are, every Friday or Saturday, take all the lunch boxes and deep clean them either by hand or in the machine.

Before tossing them into the wash, open up any zippered pockets to clear them out as well. You’d be surprised at the “leftovers” one can find in there. Ask me how I know!

You can wash your bags on a weekly basis by hand as well. Simply, fill a tub with warm soapy water, wipe the interiors and exteriors with a soft sponge dipped in the soapy water and then, wipe it clean with a clean damp cloth   . Leave to dry.

Again, lay it open and upside down to dry it out.

How do YOU keep your insulated lunch bags clean and germ-free??