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Introducing KidoCall...The safest and most functional smartwatch for your child!

November 5, 2020 By Lime Tree Kids Children, Lifestyle, Lime Tree Mumma Blog & School comments

As a parent, we know it can be daunting wondering how your child is going, where they are and if the need to notify you of an change to plans throughout the day when you're not with them!

The KiddoCall Smart Watch is your child's first mobile phone which gives you the flexibility and security to talk to them anytime, anywhere!! It is designed to give parents peace of mind and give your children some independence.

This kids watch is packed full of great features including real-time location and tracking history, a parent-controlled phone book which allows you to choose up to 15 contacts they can communicate with, SOS emergency calls which will call 3 nominated numbers after holding down the button for 3 seconds, as well as school mode which will disable all functions except SOS mode during class-time.

Your child's smart watch can be synced to the application SeTracker2 which can be controlled at all times by up to two parents. It works just like a phone and requires a nano SIM card with data, available from any service provider.

This impressive smart watch is packed with features that include educational games, a HD camera, and a reward system to keep them motivated each day. 

Available in black, pink or blue.

For more features, check out the KiddoCall range online today! 

Customer Review: "Love this option for my 7 year old! I have used it for days that I don't collect him from school to communicate if there are any changes to the plan and it makes me feels safer for when he is at soccer training without a parent, in case he needs something! I can see how it will be very useful for when he starts being allowed to walk down the road on his own etc. The safety features, including how you can choose the only people that the child can call or get calls/messages from, is very clever. I also like that it doesn't have too many fun games or features for him to play with, as I didn't want it becoming another "screen time" issue. You can also use the the remote camera (you use the app on your phone to take a picture from the watch), which shows you where your child is if you want, and/or get the same effect using the GPS tracker. My son also loves the rewards - little hearts that you send to the watch"