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Learning Games: Educational, Fun and Creative Ways to Spend the Summer Days

February 25, 2014 By Prerna Children & Family comments

learning games


Learning games are a hot favourite at our home. My daughter loves them because they’re fun, interesting and hugely entertaining. And well, I think they’re the bees knees because they help her learn words, solve problems, grasp the basics of math and language. Oh yeah, big winners here.

Here are some of our favourite picks for games since she was a wee baby that make learning less of a chore and more of fun:

1. Learning Letters and Numbers, the Fun Way

For us, learning is more about having fun with words, numbers, letters, sounds, sights and using everyday situations to reinforce concepts.

Learning happens not just when she’s at school but also, when she’s hanging with me in the kitchen, or when I’m doing  laundry, when we’re on a road trip, when we’re having quiet time with  us reading.

At times, like these, we bring out fun-filled learning games.

Our picks for the young ones:


     Graffiti Magnetic Letters and Numbers

    Magnetic Alphabet Book

    Donkey Products iWood Laptop

    2. Word Building Made Easy

    Learning to spell is the latest at our home so naturally, Miss almost-6 (going on 16!) is extra keen to practice her spelling skills.  Taking along some fun magnetic word boards on road trips or giving her these while I’m cooking dinner or getting work done is a great way to tackle the “I’m bored! Can I watch T.V instead?” requests.

     We also pull these out quite often when playing together too and turn it into a fun contest. She loves “beating” me at spelling things right. **wink**

    Our Picks

    Magnetic Words, Age 4-5

    Magnetic Words, Grade 1 and 2

    3. Numbers Are Nice with Learning Games

    Honestly, numbers are so not my forte. I don’t like them much but I know that she’s gotta learn her numbers and how to use them so, we make them fun and interesting.
    Our Picks:

    Magnetic Times Tables

How do YOU make learning fun for your little ones?