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July 28, 2016 By Shelley - Lime Tree Kids Mumma Lime Tree Mumma Blog comments

Lime Tree Mumma 

I’m often asked to blog about my life, both personal and business, about our journey as adoptive parents and coincidentally as parents of children with special needs.  Of the activities I do and therapies I’ve tried, of the diets we follow and the parenting we use. 

I’ve always shied away from it as I felt like I didn’t have enough to share , I’m not good at writing , I’m TERRIBLE at spelling (and mostly ignore spell predict). I'm not qualified on anything to speak by a tertiary institute or university, I’m forgetful, busy and overweight. 

This year I turned 38.  38 for some reason I’ve decided is the year of ME.  I not waiting for 40 , I'm taking this year of 38 to accept , nurture myself and grow into myself – in whatever shape that is. 
I’ve found a yearning to share some of the information I have stored in this brain of mine. So I shall. As a mother of two children that were adopted from overseas.  Who (as children do) both have their own special needs , one with High functioning Autism and Sensory Processing Issues and another with learning issues , I’ve tried a lot and have sourced a lot of products and blogs to help with our emotional and educational journey.   

There WILL be spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, ramblings, and chats on good and bad topics. BUT there will always be the truth. I intend on sharing as much information on areas that people need me to share on with the only exception being my children’s personal stories of birth and certain facts that need to be maintained private for them and their privacy. 
So here goes…  Let’s do this..  

A little about me.

My name is Shelley. I’m a Wife , a mother , daughter , sister , aunt , friend.  I live on the Gold Coast , Queensland. 

I started the business Lime Tree Kids in January 2011 as a way to keep my head clear and not consumed with my sons appointments and issues , who at the time had very high needs due to his sensory and autism , plus adoption related issues. 

Back then wooden toys were hard to find , autism was a word few outside the community spoke of,  finding all the products for kids who may have special needs (and typical kids )  were all plastic and a horrible sensory overload and VERY difficult and or expensive to find.  They screamed child with special needs. As if these kids and their siblings couldn't have nice things !! 

So I started my website to stock all the items I'd found for Sam (my son) that had really helped in my parenting journey.  Things like wooden toys that were both educational, eco toys and really high quality that wouldn’t break easily under his tantrums at the time.   Think - Stylish , Unique and FUN ! 

We have expanded into a wonderful online store with a small store front and I get to work with my family every day.  My job allows me to be flexible for the needs of my children, pays my wage and lets me do what I love. 
I have a passion for kids who have special needs, for parents who need support with educating and assisting their kids (typical kids or with special needs) , for children in vulnerable positions (like foster children or those not yet in care but unsafe)  and for supplying parents with the best items and ways for them to encourage play and learning together.  Creating memories, moments and bonds that will last for a lifetime. 

I’m a business woman. I really LOVE business. I have NO degrees or big words for you. I’m a grass roots business woman / entrepreneur. I LOVE marketing and the way people think.  I’ve never been able to sit back and watch. I’m a doer..  It’s in my blood.  im ALWAYS busy and i find it hard to stop and do nothing ..  

I try to give my kids the freshest and most nutritious meals I can, I often fail. Both have sensory issues and food time is a NIGHTMARE … Mealtime time items are always a big area on my website because of this. 

Having a child on the spectrum has changed my thinking. I LOVE the way children’s brains work. I love to see how with work on an area they may need assistance with they flourish.  I’m all about less judgement and more concern for people as individual people (small children or adults).  Im all about changing the way we teach kids for how they like to learn NOT expecting them to fit into any boxes. 

When reading this blog. It’s important you understand. I am far from perfect. I do NOT manage everything well. 

I lose my shit.. OFTEN .  

I have a cleaner once a week, a wonderful husband, a business I have grown to suit my children’s needs and lifestyle, a messy house... I suffer from anxiety and depression , it’s had times of being very hard but I'm on top of it now and getting better every month.   A pug puppy that is so cute but SO crazy .. All of this I’m working on – it’s a work in progress! 

MY hope is through this blog I can offer you ideas on parenting, activities to do with your children, sharing therapies or experiences of our journey so far , thoughts and moments of my life that may help you with yours.  

Enjoy xoxo