On the journey home

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On the journey home

September 23, 2011 By Lime Tree Kids Lime Tree Mumma Blog comments
So it’s been 5 days since we picked up Miss Sienna from the nursery and let me tell you , she may very well be the BEST most gorgeous baby in the world ! I’m seriously thanking my luck stars that this baby girl is ours. She has the sweetest smile, the chubbiest yum yum cheeks, such an easy placid personality- she is an Angel sent from Heaven I tell you!

The journey to Taiwan was pretty uneventful, minus poor me having a meltdown and panic attacks the day before leaving. Thankfully I had an amazing friend coming with us to help out with Samuel and she was (as always) a source of strength and grounding for me. YIKES there was way too much build up, I think. BIG thanks to my husband was his usual calm placid self during what I can only call Cyclone Shelley Meltdown ..

Anyhow after the storm always comes the rainbow and this trip and adventure has been nothing short of Super dooper AmazeBalls !!! Much to my surprise and appreciation our son Samuel has really come into his own on this trip and any sign of jealousy or stress has left the building and left behind a charming , energetic, loveable little boy.. MAY have something to do with the truckload of Bionicles, Lego and Chinese Robots that have joined us along the way OR it may just be that he is seeing the journey for Sienna with the understanding that he had a similar journey in joining our family.

SO back to Sienna, the morning we shall call Family Day was on the 19th September and after waking early were met by the Nursery Director and taken to the Nursery, Mu En House. It is a beautiful 4 storey house that was given to the organisation many years ago and has been converted to suit their needs.
After checking our temperatures with what can only be likened to a Speed Camera machine (no kidding check out the picture below ) we were dressed up in our super sexy Smocks and taken upstairs to meet our daughter for the first time.
As we walked up the stairs and into the main play area we were met by the biggest smile and what was once my heart , was turned to mush and a bond that only a mother and daughter can have , began ..

After a short play together my hubby and I were given a tour of the NUrsery, saw where she slept, some of the people who looked after her day to day needs and took pictures of everything we could.
Then we had the pleasure of presenting the Nursery and staff with the beautiful gifts donated from Facebook Friends Tiny & Little, Sugar Plum Tree, Zen Designs, and a few other individuals . They were openly adored by the staff who really appreciated the kindness and thought behind all who donated .. Thank you so much if this was you !

And then we were given Siennas day to day schedule, some formula and rice cereal and sent back home to the hotel to lavish unrivalled adoration on the newest member of our family!
Since then we have had many little outings, baths, feeds, play, eye contact, laughs, touch and cuddles. She is filling her love bank with all we are giving her and it’s been such an awesome thing to watch us become a family unit of 4 , getting to know each other and experience this exciting new chapter in our lives.

SOB ALERT - The only downfall for both myself and Hubby has been the fact that we were unable to meet Sienna’s Birth Mother.
We had the privilege of doing so with Samuel when we came to get him and it really is one of the hardest but most soul enriching experiences of my life. It’s the moment that you can look that woman (or girl whichever the case may be) and thank them for the part of themselves they are giving to you. Show them that e to this baby will be loved and then give them a gift that you have bought that really doesn’t even touch the sides of your gratitude and emotion towards her.
So unfortunately due to circumstances that we will keep to ourselves we were not able to meet the Birth Mother and I kinda feel like that has left a part undone.. But that is the journey of adoption and it’s not just our journey, but theirs as well so we must respect the decision not to meet.

So we are all homeward bound tonight and I’m so looking forward to being home and getting into a routine. PLUS having Wifi at my fingertips LOL . I’m sad that we are leaving the beautiful country of my children’s birth but really looking forward to introducing Sienna (and Sam) to the crazy antics that are our family’s day to day lives.

Look out in the next few days for my Blog on Ergo Baby Wearing for Babes in Arms, this baby carrier has and will be the most useful item for Sienna and I to Bond and connect together and we look forward to starting to stock this line again in the coming month. As well as I’ll be releasing the first of our Giveaways and how you can enter, a 3 SPROUT Package. Have you seen this awesome new range we are stocking?

So?? (Zàijiàn) or Good Bye for now.

All the wonderful products donated by our friends to the Nursery in Taipei

Getting our temps checked to ensure we don't make the babies sick

Our family of 3 is about to become a family of 4 once we climb those stairs

Mummy and Sienna meet for the first time. Love at first sight!

Sam is the proudest big brother in the world!

True Love!

The room Sienna was in. It has 5 cots and a small play area. it really is a beautiful Nursery!

The bathing area for all the bubs.

Aww.. how cute is she?

Siennas first feed with Shelley

That is one CUTE baby girl!