Organising the Home: Get Organised in the Kitchen

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Organising the Home: Get Organised in the Kitchen

January 2, 2014 By Prerna Family & Lifestyle comments
Happy New Year!! Let's kick off the year by getting all organised and sorted for the year ahead! An organised home can make a huge difference to our productivity and positive mood as busy, on-the-go mums!

Today, let’s look at getting organised in the kitchen. That’s right!

Home is where the kitchen is, in my opinion and an organised kitchen is every mum’s dream come true. 

Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started: 

1. Store Like Items Together 

Keep things that are used together in one place. For instance, I have  a tea making station in my kitchen that is nothing more than a turntable with the tea bags, sugar, honey and cups all in one easy-to-access place. You may want to include Mr. Tea over there as well! 

2. Use Trays and Turntables to Keep Stuff Sorted 

Trays, like this lovely alfresco tray, and turntables are a great way to keep items sorted and corralled. I keep a large wooden tray on the top of the refrigerator to corrall bottles and jars of sauces and jams.  Turntables, too, can be used in the refrigerator and on the countertop to keep items together and easy-to-access. I think this adorable craft turntable will make a great add-on to the kitchen for organising wooden spoons, knives, scissors and can openers, right? 

3. Handy Tips to Organise the Refrigerator 

The refrigerator, surprisingly or not, gets cluttered really fast. But a few sneaky tips can keep it all organised and neat without much effort: 

When you come back from the store, wash and store the produce in separate produce bags. Easy-peasy. 
Use lidded, square containers to store food and leftovers. Easy to stack and take up less space. 
Add a wire shelf in the fridge to increase storage space. 
Use labels, even writing with a marker works, to ensure that everyone know what needs to be consumed by when. 

4. More Tips to Organise the Kitchen 

Hang a chalkboard or memo pad on one of the doors or refrigerator to note down things that you need to buy or replace. 
Add hooks to the inside of doors for hanging small items, like dish rags. 
Use under utilised areas such as behind the door and under-the-sink for storage and hanging items. 
Label, label, label. It’ll make it easier for you and the family. 

What tips do YOU have for organising the kitchen? Share with me in the comments or join the Lime Tree Kids community on Facebook!