Organising the Home Series: Organising the Kids’ Room

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Organising the Home Series: Organising the Kids’ Room

September 17, 2013 By Prerna Children, Family & Lifestyle comments

organise the kids room
Oh, I’m so excited. All through September and October, I’ll be sharing sweet tips for you for organising the home. Yes! We are going to get all sorted and organised. Lovely, isn’t that?

As busy mums, we know how important it is to have a place for everything and everything in its place,right? It’s just that when life gets busier still, getting organised gets pushed to the backburner and that, I know from personal experience, isn’t a good thing.

SO, kicking off the series of posts I have lined up, is today’s post on organising the kids’ rooms! Yes,let’s tackle the toughies first, right?

1. Organise Toy Storage

My go-to storage options for toys are boxes and bins that my little girl can pull out,open and close safely and independently. Not only does this make tidying up easier for both of us, it also keeps clutter at bay. She can easily put away her toys when she’s done with them on her own.

I sort toysaccording to type and type of play. So, I have bins and boxes  for cars, Barbie dolls, Lego. Storage bins,like the NeatKids range, has are perfect for this. They’re cute and easy enough for littlehands to handle on their own.

For her tennis racquet, football and sports equipment, kitchen or pretend play toys, I have storage buckets that make it super easy for her to just take things out and put them back.

Here's how Shelley organised her kids' toy room too!

2. Organise Kids' Clothes

Kids’ clothes can be such a source of clutter. I use hanging closet organisers like this one to keep accessories and smaller clothing items organised. A  hamper for dirty clothes and some additional drawers in the shelves help keep everything sorted easily!

3. Label, Label,Label

I label,like mad. Really. Not only does it keep things from getting lost at school, but also ensures that things go back where they belong at home. Label boxes, bins and other storage containers so that kids know what goes where. I used picture labels earlier but now that my daughter is learning to read, we’re using words.

4. Help Kids Stay Organised

Getting the kids’ room organised is Step 1. Step 2 is helping them stay organised. Starting right by choosing easy-to-handle containers, labelling things and most importantly, setting the right example.

How do YOU help your little ones stay organised? Share your tips with me in the comments below or in our parent community on Facebook!